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Catchysoft Gepard is a touch typing tutor. This software will help you master touch typing in the shortest time. If you already have any typing skills you can improve your speed and accuracy of typing. Catchysoft Gepard can also test your typing skills and detect your average typing speed.

Getting started

Select a keyboard layout in the menu File. If you use several layouts, switch your computer to the selected layout.

For beginners: Select the first lesson in the menu "Lessons". Execute it. The program will pass to the next lesson. Lessons with even numbers help you fix your typing skills mastered in the previous lessons. When the average speed of typing will got 75 symbols per minute, the program will pass to the next lesson. After the last lesson the program will pass to the improving mode.

For advanced typists: You can miss all lessons and start with improving your typing skills. Select your speed of typing in the menu "Improving". After several attempts the program will detect your average speed of typing. If your speed will be less then set by the program, it will switch to the training mode.



  • English (USA) Dworak - English (USA) Dworak keyboard layout.
  • English (USA) Standard - English (USA) Standard keyboard layout.
  • Exit - Ends the program session.


  • Lesson 1..20 - Select a lesson.


  • 100..500 - Select you current speed of typing.


  • Keyboard - Shows or hides the keyboard.
  • Image - Shows or hides the background image.
  • Next Image - Shows the next image.
  • Images Folder... - You can select any folder to show own images.


  • Contents - Starts the Documentation and displays its contents.
  • Catchysoft Gepard Home Page - Catchysoft Gepard Home Page.
  • Ordering Information... - Opens the order page of the program.
  • Registration... - Program registration.
  • About Catchysoft Gepard... - Opens the About dialog box.

System Requirements

PC-compatible computer with processor Pentium I or better
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

Ordering Information

We accept: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Discover/Novus, Solo, Switch, JCB, Connect, Eurocard, Delta, UK and US Checks, Money Orders and Bank Wire Transfers.

To order the program, please go to the page: You will be transfered to SWREG's secure server to complete your purchase. When you purchase, you will be able to download the full version of Catchysoft Gepard. Upgrades to Catchysoft Gepard are free for the entire major series. For example, if you purchase version 1.02, you get all the 1.xx upgrades free.

If you have any problems with ordering, please do not hesitate to contact us via online form:

Technical support

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact us via online form:

Catchysoft Gepard site

Background images

Backgroud images used in the program were taken from this site:

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